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Showing you how to:

1) Start a PAC (Political Action Committee),
Federal or State., and Super PAC Federal or State.

2) What are Independent Expenditures and how to do them.

3) How to run for office.

#2 - What are Independent Expenditures and how to do them:

 According to Federal and State campaign 
finance election law (For California expenses report to the 
California Political Reform Div.),without being a candidate or 
campaign personnel yourself, any citizen can do their own 
'Independent Expenditures' in support of or for the defeat of any 
candidate with your own unlimited amount of money (any small 
amount or large amount of money). Any amount spent 
over $250.00 must be reported on a periodic basis to the
FEC or your state agency assigned for this purpose. For CA 
it is the CA Political Reform Div. when doing expenditures on
behalf of State candidates [ for Assembly, Senate, Governor].
You may also do your own Independent Expenditures 
for U.S. President.

Expenditures may be done for the Primary and General 

This means you can do negative/ positive content flyers 
(to hand out/ do mass mailers) in your neighborhoods, do 
radio ads, and billboards (contact billboard companies by getting
the name of the billboard company off of a billboard. I've done
that several times- to have them e-mail or snail mail their rates).

Radio ads- Contact any radio station's marketing department. 
They will be happy to send to you a layout of cost for an radio 
ad campaign. Example: San Diego KOGO AM 600 cost minimum 
is in the area of around $3,000 - $5000.00 for a broadcast
distance from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

If you contact the candidate's campaign staff or the candidate
and ask them what they would like as content in your ads/ flyers/
banners, etc., at that moment your expenses fall under what is 
called 'Coordination'. This means your expenses at that moment 
come under the campaign finance campaign contribution limit, 
whether Federal (if you are doing expenditures for Federal 
candidates) or State (if you are doing expenditures for State 

For Federal candidates, you may contact a candidate or 
their campaign to ask what the candidate's positions are,
and that is not considered coordination under FEC rules.
Ask your State's Political Reform Division ( or equivalent)
if the same is so under State campaign rules for State 
Independent Expenditures.

If you do not contact the candidate (s), you may spend an 
unlimited amount of money. If you contact the candidate or 
staff for their input for content for your expenditures, you are 
limited by contribution limits in the amount you can spend.
When you do Independent Expenditures, FEC rules allow you 
to have volunteers to help in every area of your endeavor.
Home computer use and cell phone use expenses by 
volunteers are not reportable as expenses.

If you have questions about Independent Expenditures on
ederal candidates, call the Federal Election Commission 
at (800) 424-9530. The specialist there will answer any 
questions you may have.

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