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Reagan Republican Conservatives perk up!
Empowerment for you!

You can galvanize like minded talented individuals
together to create and use powerful tools for change
for the better for America.

At Your Political Wings learn how to:

 1) Start a Non- Connected Political Action
       Committee - 

     a. Federal Non- Connected PAC for supporting
          the election or defeat of Federal candidates.
          (including U.S. president, U.S. Senate, and
          U.S. House of Representatives.)

     b. State Non- Connected PAC for supporting the
          election or defeat of State candidates.
          (includes State Legislature - Assembly, Senate,
          and Governor.)

2) How to start a Super PAC.
3) How to run for elected office.

4) How to do your own 'Independent Expenditures'
with your own unlimited amount of money  without
running for office or starting a PAC -

     a. For supporting the election or defeat of State                        candidates. (includes State Legislature -
         Assembly, Senate, and Governor.)

      b. For supporting the election or defeat of Federal                     candidates. (includes U.S. President, U.S. Senate,               and U.S. House of Representatives.)


 - Your Political Wings - is a non fee volunteer service available at no cost to you, and is service meant to give citizens a voice and the ability to win! 


Your Political Wings - Created for empowering the Reagan Republican Conservative! Each situation is unique. One-size-fits-all approaches will never help your political goals reach their full potential. Custom solutions take advantage of opportunities that your competitors can't. That's what I deliver to you. Whether your goal is to start a Federal or State PAC, Super PAC, run for local, State, or Federal office, you can learn how at Your Political Wings.Com

Commitment to results

I'll show you how to create one of the most empowering tools for change for the better. Success is measured by your desire to learn these tools. That is why I invest in the time needed to help keep your goals on the right track.


I know the challenges Americans are enduring in the face of the Democrat Socialist left wing agenda in America. There are many who are in your shoes. You know the damage the over controlling left wing elected and candidate Democrats are doing with their unconstitutional, state-ist Socialist agenda, along with the damage of left wing Democrat indoctrination of colleges, the Hollywood left, activist judges, and the damage the propaganda Democrat bias advocacy mainstream media are doing to America. They are the culprits. Our goal: To help you defeat the choke hold 
of the Hollywood liberal propaganda machine, Washington D.C. left wing choke hold on America, and left wing education indoctrination of our young people in public Colleges, Universities, and K through 12 public education system. How to do this? Help you to message straight to the voter by teaching you how to use the tools presented here.

In addition, Reagan Republicans are tired of establishment Republicans being too much like Democrats to the point where nothing changes because establishment Republicans sell out. You are looking for empowerment to change it.

Why 'Your Political Wings' is here: To help empower you, the American citizen.

Owners and operators of PACs in all regions of the United States are doing it everyday in every election, in between elections, and you can too. Don't let Democrat Union PACS and Democrat big money insiders have the monopoly on campaign messaging and PAC power! Let me show you, your friends, and your associates how to start your very own Non-Connected PAC, Super PAC, how to run for elected office, or how to do your 'Independent expenditures' to campaign against or in support of candidates with your own unlimited amount of money. 

You do this without running for office. You can message to any part of the country, against or in support of any State or Federal candidate for U.S. Congress (even Presidential candidates) from wherever you live in the country. 

Get to know our approach!

This way to success!

Bring great ideas to your effort!

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